Slicer AV 140 is designed and built to slice and contemporarily lay down product slices (cheese, cooked and dry-cured ham, speck and other charcuterie products, cooked meat, vegetables and fish) with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 15 mm.
The slicer top speed is approximately 180 slices per minute. This value can be adjusted to the product size thereby optimising the slicer stroke.
The product blocks are continuously infed, in a sequence, into the cluster.
The sliced product can be laid down on bread, toasted bread, focaccias, pizzas and trays that will have to move continuously or in a timed way by selecting the appropriate functions on the operating panel.
The machine structure houses a touch screen to change recipes and the various cutting parameters specified below:
- blade speed
- number of slices per minute
- product synchronisation times
- timing of pumps (that can be excluded), to enable blade lubrication.
Furthermore, other options can be selected on the screen, e.g.:
- several slices per photocell reading
- an alternating cut (every other slice).
The machine is equipped with a rapid sanitization system which, without using wrenches, enables the disassembling of clusters, cutting blade and idle pulley.The slicer is equipped with appropriate guards that stop the machine when doors are opened to reach the blade.
Cutting area max. 120 x 120.