The TBS65 single wire sandwich cutter has been designed to cut sandwiches diagonally after they’ve been filled.
The machine is in stainless steel tubes, placed at a 45° angle, continuously welded for easier cleaning and with anodized aluminium sides. The machine is on castor wheels to make it easier to move when washing.Adjustable feet are used to keep the machine in place.
With electro-mechanical functions, just one, 380 V socket is needed for the cutter to work.
The machine works by 4 motors which have the following functions:
- main motor, which operates the input contrast band and straightening and release belts;
- motor for alternate blade cutting;
- two motors which perfectly align the sandwiches at an angle of 45° before cutting.
All of the machine’s functions are managed by PLC, so that different cutter formats and speeds can be selected from a panel.
Maximum sandwich sizes that can be cut: 150 x 150 mm - thickness 60 Mm, minimum size: 80 x 80 mm - thickness 20 Mm.
Maximum machine output: 65 sandwiches a minute.
The cutter can be set up to cut on the right or left-hand side, depending on client needs.
The wheels are all cantilevered for easy cleaning and maintenance of the bands and belts.
Stainless steel protection devices are provided, and parts which can be opened have a safety switch to stop the machine moving.