The vacuum volumetric doser DVS50 is designed for the dosage of ready dishes (vegetables, rice salads, pasta salads, paella, etc…). The machine structure is built with stainless steel section bars arranged at 45° and continuously welded for better cleaning. The machine is positioned on pirouetting wheels in order to make it easier to shift for washing, whereas during the production it is clamped to the ground by means of adjustable feed. For the doser operation a 380 V power supply socket and an air inlet are necessary, since the various movements are pneumatic and run by means of PLC-controlled solenoid valves which make it possible to adjust the air suction, discharge and tank presence photocell synchronisation delay times. The vacuum volumetric doser DVS50 can be: · Manual: where the feed is carried out by the operator through a convenient tray hopper placed in the upper part of the dosing unit. The material loaded is conveyed in a telescope while keeping the machine head level constant. The best dosage precision in the volumetric chamber is carried out by the depression set by a vacuum pump with an air tank equipped with the machine positioned in its structure. · Automatic: where a hopper with a capacity of 100 L. guarantees the autonomy of the feed which is carried out by means of the worm screw elevator or belt built in aisi 304 to transport the product. It is operated by an inverter-controlled motor which allows the continuous adjustment of its speed. Its feed is controlled by two photocells which constantly read the level in the loading zone. The maximum capacity of the machine is approximately 45 pieces per minute, with the possibility of having any type of weight in grammes, a quick size change, a twin doser head to carry out alternatively the dosages in the tanks and finally to avoid further passages the doser can be synchronised directly to the closing machine. At the end of production there is the possibility of sanitising the machine by removing a few parts, but without the help of spanners.