The DF 400 machine has been designed to meet the requirements of high production quantities.The frame is leant on wheels. This is to guarantee easy movement and it is built so that it can be inserted under the container conveyor belt or directly anchored to the belt. The product is loaded into the upper hopper which is connected to an electronic vibrator that is used to convey the cheese into the lower loading hopper.A belt, which is built specially for this application, conveys the cheese above the discharge hopper and when the container passes, deposits the necessary quantity of product. The machine is built with non-stick materials and details which prevent the cheese from sticking to the machine walls and falsifying the dosages. The discharge is started by a photocell which reads the presence of the container and the different machine working times are adjusted by means of an operator panel.All parts in contact with the product, including the upper hopper, can be removed simply and quickly to guarantee optimum sanitisation.